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you've taken two of the greatest things ever (ninja turtles and random animation) and smashed them together into a brilliant work of art. well done. loved the original technodrome music.

very nice

yeah, i think pretty much all high school seniors everywhere have to read Beowulf. i actually just finished writing a paper on it yesterday.

the animation was pretty good, and except for some fuzziness when you were yelling, the voice quality was pretty good, too. i think you should make two more parts for Grendel's mother and the dragon. anyway, good job.


in my opinion, not as good as the original phoenix wrongs. but then, those were genius. yours was still pretty good, though.

LeBer responds:

It can be as good as the original phoenix wrong because he had an original idea, lol.

I'm just triyng to make something nearly as good as the original ones in quality.

But thanks for your review man.

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great job

this is a really cool game that actually requires concentration. the graphics are really good too. awesome.

so true...

well, you certainly made it abundantly clear that this was a joke. i'm always glad to see another person who recognizes the low quality of the bulk of new submissions. by the way, you didn't take your own advice; i didn't see any flashy, shiny, pretty gradients!

blanblan responds:

Oh shnap!! I forgot the pretty gradients! :(


i am the savior!

i just saved this, which is weird, because most times when it says i am the savior, i actually blammed the thing.

anyway, good game, and i can understand you being impatient with people who blammed it last time. let me run through each optical illusion and tell you what i thought:

-the one with negative colors/black and white was a little confusing at first, but it was cool when i got it. i think you have to stare for longer than 30 seconds, though.

-the black dot with the disappearing haze was pretty basic, but nice.

-Mr. Angry and Mrs. Calm didn't work very well for me, except when i took off my glasses. maybe it works for other people, i don't know.

-the one with the bending squares was, again, pretty basic, but amusing.

-the two gray squares is a godd one, they really do look different at first.

-the green wavy circles worked well.

-the twisted circle looked like an Escher picture.

-the white dots on the grid is one that i have known about for a long time.

-the blue and green spinning circles were really good; they really looked like they were spinning, and i actually thought they were animated for a second.

good job.

ghatauray responds:

Thanks dude! you are my hero lol

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thats some nice saxing

i know its just some crazy messing around, but you're clearly a great sax player. well done, this makes me want to check out some of your other stuff.


nice job, man. i thought the rhythm grooved really well. you obviously do a good deal of composing. keep up the good work!

PERVOK responds:

Thanks, that I shall.

Nice jazzy rhythm

This sounds like something you might hear if you walk into a low-key nightclub. It sounded very nice, but as other people said, it could have used some back-up instrumentation. Quite bass and drums would have been good.

I also think is would be really cool to fit in a sax or clarinet solo, although it might be harder to find people to do that. Anyway, good job, keep playing!

Codyclause responds:

Thank you for your input. I'm always trying to improve!

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